Fireplace before

When you’re rehabbing houses, you have to be ready to change plans at a moment’s notice for something amazing. Like waking up on a December morning and seeing a photo like this posted with an emergency call to save this beautiful piece of history. A friend of mine posted that the house containing this fireplace was going to be torn down on Monday, so we had a day to save it.

The house was part of the Newens Sanitary Dairy business and when efforts to move the house failed, it was slated for demolition. As much as I hate to see a 100+ year old building torn down, I was happy to be the first volunteer to rescue the fireplace, especially since it was around the corner from our project at 1161 22nd Street. 


It was a messy job, but we got the tile, firebox, and mantle out in their respective pieces. I can’t wait to see it in its new home around the corner! I am left with one question for my fellow rehabbers:

1895 Fireplace Tile

The tile came out in chunks, like this. Some came out still attached to the slate behind it. I’d like to reuse the tile, but how do I get the adhesive off the back without damaging the tile? Here’s what the adhesive looks like:


Stay tuned for the install of the mantle at 1161 22nd Street (and the tile likely going to the Hatton House). Any ideas on unsticking the tile, please tell me in the comments!

One thought on “Saving the 1895 Dairy Farmhouse Fireplace

  1. Try soaking it in water for at least 24 hours sometimes that can loosen up the mortar and then carefully use a paint scraper and small hammer to separate

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