Meet Hat Trick Renovation…a family of old house lovers living in Des Moines, Iowa. It all started when an Iowa boy asked a Jersey girl to dance at a fraternity party in 1991. They fell in love and settled in Iowa. It wasn’t long before his construction and engineering education and experience met her degree in Interior Design and started to create projects. Their first home was a 1988 built home to which they added a 2.5 car garage and master bedroom suite. That went well, but the inner city beckoned and in 2011, they moved to the River Bend Neighborhood of Des Moines into a 4000 sf Victorian on the National Registry. The Hatton House projects are chronicled in this blog.

The longer they lived in the Hatton House, the more thankful they became to the people who had worked to save the house from demolition. After assisting in a few neighborhood projects, they decided to pay it forward and Hat Trick Renovation was born!

As for the Hat Trick name, it’s a nod to the family obsession with soccer and the trio of apprentices….or kids…in the family business. The third kid was a long awaited, nearly impossible to score “hat trick” baby. In this family, Hat Tricks are long-sought-after, beloved, things of beauty that bring great joy, just like we hope our restoration projects are for their future owners.